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Billy Wolf’s Wiley Poopbag Holder

Now you can look good even when you’re cleaning up after your little friend. The snap closure makes

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Curated for Humans: Billy Wolf’s Morning Walk Mug

A while back we talked about Billy Wolf’s Canisters, which reminds us of something out of a farm,

Curated Merchandise

Billy Wolf’s Raleigh Waterbowl

This water bowl collapses into a very easy to fold silhouette with a snap closure. A must-have accessory for


Games: A Good Way of Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Dogs like to play, especially with their owner. Playing with your dog regularly will help build a strong bond and understanding. Apart from fun, games help pets to burn off some extra energy and stimulate their minds. It will teach him to control his behavior and aggression. The following games can be played with any

The Basics

Dog Training Just Got Easier

Are you finding it difficult to train your dog? Although difficult, dog training is something essential as it


Caring for a Puppy you Just Brought Home

Bringing a new pet home is an enjoyable time for everyone whether young or old. People want their pet to be a loyal family member and live long. If you decide to purchase a puppy, you will need a lot of information before getting one. But getting this information is very easy since there are

Curated Merchandise

Billy Wolf’s Treat Canisters

Billy Wolf’s new canisters can be used for a multitude of items, but we think your dog will agree,

Curated Merchandise

Curated for humans: French Bulldog Love @ Etsy

This is an affiliate post. We here at PrivateBarking love all dogs, but our heart beats a bit


Dog Massage

Did you know that when you pet and stroke your dog you are in fact potentially providing your


Brushing and Bath Time

Grooming is an important part of caring for your dog. Even if your dog has a rough and


Puplifting Quotes: “Shift Happens”

Stuff happens to us all. Do not sweat it! Look at whatever shift that happened and learn from