With almost everyone busy with some work, taking out time for your dog can be very difficult. Leaving them alone will lead to boredom and undesired behavior. Since dogs are curious and noisy pets, they require a lot of attention. Leaving them alone for several hours can be harmful. Stimulation is necessary for them to stay fit and maintain a good behavior.

Hence, always keep your pet busy when you don’t have time for it. You will need to find something that will stimulate it otherwise you might end up with holes in your furniture. Here are a few toys that can keep it occupied.

Brain Toys

These toys are designed to stimulate your pet when you are busy and keep it from getting bored. As dogs and puppies are motivated by food, these toys release some food after a certain action is performed. These provide fun for hours and keep it from getting hungry. ‘Kong’ is a popular brain toy. Usually made of rubber, they are available in various sizes and shapes. These toys have a hole which can be filled with food for your pet to dig out. This will ensure that it does not dig holes in your garden.

Chew Toys

If your dog keeps chewing on your furniture, an appropriate chew toy will prevent him from doing so. These toys can teach him what items are appropriate to chew. An advantage of training your pet not to chew on furniture is that he may not start chewing on electric wires. Always provide it with a good brand of chew toys which are strong. Never give it any kid’s toy as they can easily break and harm it. Lastly, make sure that you leave the chew toys near your dog so that he has access to it.

Apart from this, you may get some remote controlled cars or animals which are specially designed for dogs. This can keep you and your pet busy during your free time. One word of caution, if you find your dog getting aggressive with his toys, contact a professional for a solution.

Sometimes, dogs may still chew on furniture even when provided with appropriate chew toys. In such cases, apply some bitter apple spray on objects it loves to chew on. Leashing it so that is does not reach the furniture is also a good solution but this can affect its happiness. Just like children, dogs are also fond of toys; therefore, never leave it without anything to play with.