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Stop Puppies from Chewing on Things in the House

Puppies can be destructive in the home for many reasons but the most common reason is because they are teething. Puppies start losing their baby teeth when they are around four months old and they continue to teeth until they are nearly 18 months old when their lower jaw, which grows very slowly, finally stops growing. That’s a long time to go through some tooth and dental changes! During this entire time you should provide your puppy with plenty of toys and safe things to chew on in order to encourage him to chew on his things instead of...

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Teaching Puppies Not To Jump Up on People

We all know what it’s like. You walk in the door, happy to see your puppy and then WHAM! Your puppy is jumping all over you! He’s practically knocking you down because he’s so happy to see you. If you’re carrying groceries, chances are they could go flying across the floor. If your puppy jumps up on an elderly person or a child, he could knock them to the ground. A dog jumping up on people is a bad and sometimes even dangerous habit and one which you should try to stop as soon as possible before someone gets...

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Teaching Your Puppy to Stop Digging

Digging is another instinctive behavior for dogs and one that your puppy probably loves to indulge. Terrier breeds and Dachshunds, in particular, are natural diggers since they were bred to “go to ground” to find prey like rodents, foxes, and badgers. But even though your puppy may love to dig, you probably don’t like the holes he leaves in your yard or the flowers he digs up. In some cases puppies and dogs can start digging under fences and escape. Here are some ways to stop your puppy from digging. Filling in the holes One way to stop your...

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Dog Gone Hero

Dog Gone Hero Since time was time, the idea of storytelling has fascinated people the world over, particularly when it comes to tales of the ancient conflict of good vs evil. Children’s cartoons have the luxury of taking all sorts of different twists when it comes to telling the tale of our brave hero saving the day, including replacing our hero with a furry counterpart. In the world of cartoons, there have been all sorts of animals that have been turned into heroes (or villains) and dogs are certainly no exception. While there’s no shortage of animated dogs from...

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A Look At Boston Terriers

A Look at Boston Terriers Known as the “American Gentleman” Boston Terriers have a big reputation to live up to for a smaller dog. With a friendly disposition, happy-go-lucky attitude, and an eager sense to please their owner, Boston Terriers have been the choice breed of dog for many families the world over. For many breeds, tracking their lineage back can be tricky at best, with the exception of Boston Terriers, who can trace their beginning back to Hooper’s Judge. Photo Taken By: Ed Siasoco Origins As breeds go, a Boston Terrier is a mix between a terrier and...

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