From bulldogs to poodles and Pomeranians to huskies – there are so many dog breeds where you can choose from. They vary in so many different qualities and if you are buying a dog, it is very important that you know which one really suits your needs, as well as your personality. Now, if you are planning to get a dog and you are wondering which breed can work well with you, here are some of the factors that you should consider.


First, the maintenance of your dog’s health, hygiene and even happiness is a factor that you must consider. Do you have a house which has sufficient space to accommodate your dog? Of course, you should not get huge breeds if you are only living in a small apartment. In this case, you must only consider getting small breeds. However, if you have a huge space at home or a backyard where you can keep huge breeds, you can always consider getting those types of dogs.

Dog’s Temperament

Are you looking for a dog that can guard your house? Or are you searching for something that can just cuddle with you for an entire day? Dogs have various levels of temperaments. Some can be easier to train to be good with other people, while others may be a little bit more aggressive. However, there are always trainings that you can give to your pet for them to achieve the level of temperament that you want them to have.


Of course, if you are getting a dog, be it big or small, you should consider your budget. Some breeds, as we all know, are more expensive than others. So, if you want to narrow down your choices, you should definitely consider your budget before you buy a dog. There are small dog breeds that are more expensive than the big ones and there, too, are huge breeds which are more expensive than smaller breeds.

Local Rules

Finally, if you still haven’t decided on what dog breed or dog breed size to go for, you can lessen your choices by depending on the local rules of your current location. Various states and localities in the US vary when it comes to the ownership of certain dog breeds. For example, there are areas in the US which do not allow the ownership of pit bulls. You should review the laws in your area, first, before you decide to purchase or take care of a certain breed of dog.

At the end of the day, it does not really matter which dog breed or dog size you choose to get. What matters is how prepared you are to be a dog owner. Taking care of and raising a dog is never a joke. It is something that must be taken seriously, since you will be responsible for the life of a living creature. So, before you bring a dog home, you should be emotionally and financially prepared to take care of it and raise it.