You most probably take a lot of care to ensure that your teeth stay clean and healthy. By brushing them after every meal and visiting a dentist regularly, you must be doing everything possible to have sparkling teeth. We do all this so that we don’t end up with unattractive teeth or bad breadth.

Your dog also has teeth, which means that you will have to take care of its teeth just the way you take care of your own. A very common dental issue in humans is cavities. Since humans consume a lot of sweet food, this is normal. Dogs on the other hand don’t suffer from cavities as much as humans. They are more prone to gum diseases.

Since dogs don’t brush their teeth, plague starts building up. As time passes by, this hardens and forms tartar. This condition is similar to that found in humans and it causes painful and inflamed gums. The most obvious sign of this problem is bad breath. Since painful, this disease can make it difficult for pets to eat, thus they will not get the required nutrition. In some rare cases, the bacteria can affect the heart, kidneys, and other organs.

Get your dog checked by a vet often so that this problem stays at bay. It is also important to brush its teeth regularly with a soft brush to avoid inflammation of the gums. Consult a vet and get pet friendly toothpaste or inquire if your regular toothpaste will work fine.

Start off by brushing the teeth with water and gradually move on to toothpaste. Don’t brush too vigorously as the animal will get scared and won’t allow you to brush the teeth again. Use restraints in the beginning, but make sure they are not too tight in order to give your dog a comfortable experience. Gentle movements of the brush will get it accustomed to this procedure. During brushing if you notice any inflammation, broken teeth, tartar, or any other potential issues, contact a vet immediately before the condition gets worse.

By brushing the teeth daily, you will eliminate the need of any professional dentist and will result in a happier dog. When it comes to our mouth, we take a lot of care. So when it comes to your pets’ mouth, do take good care, as it will ensure that your pet stays healthy and lives longer.