If you own a dog you probably know how difficult it is to look after its health. As the owner, it is your responsibility to maintain its proper health. The dog’s age also determines the amount of care needed to make sure it stays healthy. This article will guide you on how to give your dog a long, healthy and happy life.

Watch Your Dog Often
Dogs can communicate quite well; right from puppyhood any changes in their behavior will signal that something is wrong. Watch out for a tired and restless dog, even significant weight loss or gain can suggest that there is something wrong with the dog’s health.

Establish Daily Routines
Morning walks, feeding and potty time, playtime, and bed time should be properly scheduled. Just like humans, unscheduled routines can have an adverse effect on the dog’s health and behavior.

A proper kennel is essential for good dog care. The size and location of the kennel is important as it determines the behavior of the dog with its surroundings. Dogs should be properly introduced to kennels so that they make it their home.

Feed it Healthy Dog Food
Dog health can be directly linked to the food you feed it. Never compromise on the quality of dog food. Cheap dog food contains ingredients that will make you sick when you come to know about it. Spend some money on food that includes natural ingredients so that your dog remains healthy.

Exercise Your Dog
Nothing is better than a good morning walk as it will not only exercise your dog but you will get some exercise too. Without exercise, dogs can get frustrated and aggressive quite often. Make this a daily routine as this is a good gesture of dog care.

Provide it Some Good Toys
Toys that are specially designed for dogs should be used as they are going to chew on them. Kid’s toys are not suitable for dogs because if they break, your dog may ingest the broken pieces, which may have severe consequences.

Prevention Saves Cash
Take your dog for regular checkups and update the vaccinations. Dogs are prone to worms; therefore, test your pet monthly for worms or diseases that may affect your its health.

A Properly Groomed Dog is a Healthy Dog
Apart from adding beauty and style to your dog, grooming will have some positive effects on its health. A properly groomed dog signals good dog care. In addition to this, any skin ailments may be easily spotted in time to prevent it from spreading.

These are some basic points that every dog owner should keep in mind so that their pet stays healthy and active.