New born puppies and babies share many similarities such as constant feeding and proper sleep. It is important for new born puppies to be nursed right from birth. Dog’s milk contains some nutrients important for puppies to prevent them from illness. They should be fed within the first 12 hours of birth otherwise their stomach will not be able to take in the important nutrients.

Puppies are most vulnerable at birth but mothers know how to properly care for them. The first 2 days are very important for new born puppies as they need proper care from their mothers. In case she ignores one of her pups you can easily care for it.

Place it in a comfortable box and ensure it gets enough heat. The temperature should be in the 90’s in the first week and reduced as weeks pass by. Use a heat lamp with adjustable settings so that the puppy does not get too much or too little heat. It takes a few weeks before new born puppies can generate their own body heat. Without proper heat, it can catch pneumonia which can result in death.

Never feed it cow’s milk as it lacks certain nutrients. Instead, go for puppy formula that is available in pet stores. Bottles designed for puppies are also easily available. Ensure that the hole in the nipple is tiny to prevent milk from going into the lungs. They should not be fed while lying on their backs the way we feed babies. During the first 3 days, feed them after every 2-3 hours. Treat them like babies by placing them on your shoulder and patting their backs after a meal.

After a month you can start mixing puppy food with milk and feeding it. Use a spoon and teach it to eat by gently holding its mouth against the spoon. At the age of 6 weeks, you can start training it and feeding it solid food that is soft. But his requires patience as it will take a lot of time to develop basic skills. Some puppies develop faster than others, so patience is the key. Reward it for good behavior just like children are rewarded.

Give them some potty training by taking them outside or using puppy pads. Give them something to chew onto as they will be developing their teeth around this age. Raising a puppy is a tough job but can help it to build a strong bond with you.