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Classic Raised Pet Feeders


The Ultimate Stainless Steel Modern Dog Feeder!

Our Classic Raised Pet Feeders are great looking and tough raised pet feeders that your pet will love.  They’ll complement your home in bold colors, while creating an ergonomic dining experience for your pet.  The sleek, durable powder coated finish makes it perfect for your pet!

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For the modern pet lover! This stainless steel elevated feeder provides a modern, sleek, and sturdy design for any home. The powder coated finish is smooth and shiny and provides a long lasting, durable finish.

Rubber rims prevent the bowls from making noise and rubber feet prevent the feeder from sliding or scratching the floor.

Small – USD$90.00
Dimensions: 14″ L | 7″ W | 4.5″ H
Weight: 4.5lbs

Medium – USD$110.00
Dimensions: 16.25″ L | 9″ W | 7″ H
Weight: 7.5lbs

Large – USD$170.00
Dimensions: 21.5″ L | 10.75″ W | 11.5″ H
Weight: 15.5lbs

X-Large – USD$200.00
Dimensions: 23″ L | 11.75″ W | 15″ H
Weight: 16lbs

There are a number of benefits of using stainless steel for our feeders:

  1. Easy to clean and maintain – Stainless steel does not absorb dirt and is very easy to keep
    sanitized and clean.
  2. It is a corrosion resistant and stain resistant material – Stainless steel forms a chromium
    barrier to rust and quickly “heals” itself if scratched unlike other metals.
  3. It is a stronger material – Stainless is less than 1% heavier so you will never notice the weight
    difference but it IS about 10% stronger, especially at the bends.
  4. More hygienic – It is one of the most hygienic surfaces and does not harbor germs.

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Additional information

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Black Smooth, Red, Orange, White

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