We all know what it’s like. You walk in the door, happy to see your puppy and then WHAM! Your puppy is jumping all over you! He’s practically knocking you down because he’s so happy to see you. If you’re carrying groceries, chances are they could go flying across the floor. If your puppy jumps up on an elderly person or a child, he could knock them to the ground. A dog jumping up on people is a bad and sometimes even dangerous habit and one which you should try to stop as soon as possible before someone gets hurt.

Why puppies jump

It’s normal for puppies to jump up on their moms. They often try to lick their mother’s face. In the wild, a pup who licks around the mouth of an adult dog or wolf returning from the hunt can often encourage the adult to regurgitate food for the pup. It’s a normal part of providing food for the younger members of the pack who are too young to hunt for themselves. Your puppy may instinctively try to do the same thing, seeing you as the one who provides food for him. But puppies also jump and leap playfully with their siblings and it’s just as likely that your puppy is showing his happiness at seeing you when you return home.

Ways to stop the jumping

There are several good ways to stop your puppy from jumping up on people. Try some of the following suggestions.

Teach your puppy to sit

Perhaps the best way to stop a puppy from jumping up on people is to teach him to sit politely when you open the door. It’s easy to teach a puppy to sit. You can use a piece of food or a treat to lure your puppy into a sitting position, for example. When someone knocks on your door, tell your puppy to sit and have him continue sitting when the person enters the house. You can release the puppy or give him the “okay” when the person is safely seated. Be sure to praise your puppy and reward him for being so good.

Go to your place

An alternative to teaching your puppy to sit when someone knocks is teaching him to “go to his place.” Choose a spot for your puppy such as his bed, a mat, or an area rug. Stand next to the place you have chosen for your dog as his place then use a treat to lure your puppy there. As soon as your puppy reaches the spot, praise and reward him. Practice this command until your puppy comes whenever you call him to his “place.” Add the sit or lie down command when your puppy reaches his place then begin putting the command together. You should be able to send your puppy to his place and he won’t bother people who enter your house.

Stopping your puppy from jumping on you

If your puppy jumps on you when you enter the house, you can stop the jumping by completely ignoring your puppy. Puppies often jump on people to get attention. If you refuse to look at your puppy or speak to him, it will take the fun out of greeting you this way. But this method will only work if everyone in the home ignores the puppy when he jumps on them.


It’s best to stop your puppy from jumping on you while he is very small. Although it may seem cute, jumping up on people can become dangerous later, especially if your puppy will grow to be a large dog. Work on the suggestions offered here and you should stop the jumping behavior easily.