Join our Family

Our team is always on the lookout for amazing products for our dogs and for their humans. We want to share with our visitors products that are high quality, good for the environment, for our dogs, and for us. Are you a small artisan? Even better! We love small businesses – after all, that is who we are.

Ways to Showcase Your Merch

We have a few ways to showcase your products on our website:

Drop Shipping

This is probably our favorite way of working with vendors. We are a super small operation, and carrying inventory can be problematic.
If you offer drop shipping, we officially love you!
Depending on your product, we can arrange to provide a pre-payment (as a show of good faith) that will work almost like a wholesale account.

Affiliate Program

If you offer an affiliate program, we would love to be part of it and help you share with the world the wonderful products you create.


We  will love you more if you can dropship for us, although exceptions can be made for exceptionally good products that we cannot live without.

None of the above?

Even if you do not offer any of the options above, we can still link directly to your website.
We will do that for absolutely great products that do not offer any of the options above (affiliate program, drop shipping, or wholesale accounts).

No Samples!

We love you, but space is minimal.

We do not accept unsolicited samples.

Please, do not mail us anything we have not agreed upon in advance, ok? We would hate to see your beautiful merchandise being disposed because we do not have the space to keep it until we are able to review and write it up on our website.

Items We Want

Below are some guidelines of merchandise we are always looking for, but if you have something that does not fit in any of the options below, we will gladly consider it.


Organic dog food and treats.


Technology to help our dogs live better lives.


Technology to help us humans deal better with our dogs.


Fun toys for our dogs.


Fun toys for their humans (think iPhone & iPad cases, t-shirts, wall art, etc).

Help us share the word about your products

Do you have a video showcasing your product? Send the link to us (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

If you have a great product description (please, make it fun!), send it our way.

Photos! We need photos. The more, the better (so we can play around with the post layout). Good quality, sharp, and in focus photos only.


If you are still reading and are interested, please fill out the short form below. We are so excited and cannot wait to see your products.

Let us know if you offer either an affiliate program, drop shipping, wholesale, or none of these, but still would like us to showcase your merchandise on